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Strike Back

Mick Cash, General Secretary of RMT sets out his case and appeals for much-needed round table discussions.

Off The Rails

Angie Doll supports GTR’s plans for Driver Controlled Operation and the modernisation of our rail services.

Travel Stories

It’s all in the eye of the business, says John Burroughes, Managing Director, Uniglobe Preferred Travel

Ba On Cruz Control

It’s all in the eye of the business, says John Burroughes Managing Director, Uniglobe Preferred Travel

Shake Hands In… Dublin

The Irish capital is attracting attention from financial firms weighing up their post-Brexit options, Rose Dykins reports.

Things That Go Bump

Bumping passengers is actually common practice, says John Burroughes Managing Director, Uniglobe Preferred Travel

Brand Value

How British Airways can learn from Mr Henry Lindfield’s unfortunate accident

Lights, Camera, Croatia…

Rose Dykins finds blockbuster-worthy scenery in Dubrovnik, then escapes to its serene surrounding islands

Travel Light

British Airways has announced it is to end its inclusive food offering on its short-haul economy class.

Shake hands in… Barcelona

Barcelona’s architecture oozes with individuality, the football is best in the world, but what else does it excel in? Business!

Robot Wars

The rise of robots seems to have lifted! Uniglobe’s John Burroughes reveals his encounters…

Four Starbucks Double-Espressos

On average, airlines will make $10.42 for each passenger carried. That’s about enough to buy four double espressos in Starbucks!

Shake hands in… Paris

Paris… The city filled with elegance ranging from the sophisticated restaurants to the luxurious hotels

Gatwick vs Heathrow

With successive governments and decision-makers ducking the question, will this expansion ever happen?

Shake Hands In… Oslo

Oslo is a country full of beautiful scenery and exciting attractions. Rose Dykins highlights some of the stand out features in the Norwegian capital.

In For The Long Haul

Ranging from baggage handling to the technology of teleportation, Uniglobe discusses the recent travel news.

Shake Hands In... Tokyo

Shake Hands In… Tokyo

The 2020 Olympics’ host city is full of fascinating culture and meeting venues with mesmerising views.

In For The Long Haul

In For The Long Haul

Global Travel Management Managing Director Scott Pawley gives the inside perspective on business travel in the face of increased globalisation.

Cultural Differences In Business

Cultural Differences In Business

Tips for avoiding faux pas when working abroad by Alyssa Bantle, Global Curriculum Manager, Intercultural & Language Training, Crown World Mobility.

Shake Hands In... Las Vegas

Shake Hands In… Las Vegas

Fun, fun, fun awaits delegates in the entertainment capital of the US – as well as meeting options for companies of all sizes, says Rose Dykins

Travel - Travel Tips

Travel – Travel Tips

Every day millions of hours are spent travelling for business around the world. Gillian Tans gives her top business travel hacks to make your next work trip even simpler and stress-free.

Shake Hands in Berlin

Shake Hands In… Berlin

The German capital has first class facilities for business, plus the quirkiness and poignant history to captivate your team.

Global Growth

Global Growth

Nineteen years ago, just after getting married, Scott and Natalie Pawley launched a business-travel company in Horsell.

Surinder Arora - A Very Successful Mistake

Surinder Arora – A Very Successful Mistake

Surinder Arora was a bit of a surprise for his parents, and he has continued to surprise with his incredible rise to become one of the best-known hoteliers and businessmen in the UK. Surinder told his fascinating story to PBM…

Shake Hands In... Dubai

Shake Hands In… Dubai

Wanting to wow your employees with a wealth of superlatives and inspire them to aim high? The UAE capital holds the key.

Travel - Flights of Fancy

Travel – Flights of Fancy

Global Travel Management Managing Director Scott Pawley gives an insight into how the ultimate in first class flying can provide a viable option

Easter Holidays

Easter Holidays

Now the festive season is over, many families are planning for the summer holidays and many more are planning their next break.

The American Dream

The American Dream

Ten small South East companies travelled to New York to explore the possibilities of exporting to America. Ian Trevett joined them on their business adventure.

Shake Hands in Copenhagen

Shake Hands in Copenhagen

Want to ignite your company’s creative spark? Inspiring cultural values and Michelin-starred brain food await you in the Danish capital.


Greener State of Mind

Global Travel Management Managing Director Scott Pawley highlights initiatives to achieve a sustainable and greener approach to business travel.

Review - The Grand Spa

Review – The Grand Spa

The Grand Hotel in Brighton has dominated the Brighton seafront since it was constructed in 1864 by architect John Whichcord, largely for members of the upper classes visiting the City, or town, as it was in those days.

A Tropical Paradise

A Tropical Paradise

Daniel Frickelton reports on a magical holiday of sun, fun and unforgettable golf in a little piece of heaven in the Indian Ocean… Mauritius.

Shake Hands In... Singapore

Shake Hands In… Singapore

Wanting to wow your employees with a wealth of superlatives and inspire them to aim high? The UAE capital holds the key.

Business Travel 2016

Global Travel Management Managing Director Scott Pawley looks ahead at some of the key issues expected to feature in business travel in 2016.

Global Travel Management

Global Travel Management

Back in the day, companies wanting to send their management team on a sales or team building trip, would ask the company PA to plan the trip.

Supersonic Dreams

Supersonic Dreams

From “Nut Rage” to a plane flying on the sun’s energy and all things in between…

Gatwick vs Heathrow

John Burroughes of Uniglobe talks about Gatwick vs Heathrow and who should have a new runway…

Business Travel

Graham Viles at Brand Learning provides insight into changing Travel Management providers…

Business Travel

Business Travel

Travel remains dynamic and ever changing, with the emergence of the multi-screen generation.

Conference Guide

Conference Guide

Conference and banqueting facilities – key influencing factors for businesses looking for a hotel.

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