Brighton & Hove Chamber of Commerce

The Chamber is the voice of Brighton & Hove’s business people. It’s a voice that helps its members build successful businesses and be part of this great city’s community and economy.

We connect, we train, we support and we represent our members.

Our Ride the Wave programme has helped our members surf the choppy seas of economic uncertainty. Our business breakfasts are an inspirational start to the day. Bite-sized Learning has demystified those things in business that many of us find eternally puzzling, like pricing, finding good clients (and getting rid of bad ones), or pitching for work.

Wayfinder provides small group peer support for business owners deciding which horizon to head towards next. We also design events for specific types of businesses such as retail, food and drink, and ethical organisations.

Whether you’re a local artist or commercial creative, a mid-sized law firm or part of a global corporate, you’ll find a Chamber that reflects the diverse demographic and unique personality of Brighton & Hove. You’ll find a Chamber that’s good for business.

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