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With the economy on track to recovery, British businesses are poised to take advantage of new growth opportunities. Lloyds Bank are committed to playing a part in this recovery by helping brilliant British businesses succeed. From the 100,000 start-ups we’re backing, to over 80% of the FTSE 100 companies we support. Last year we lent over £20 billion to British companies and no one is growing lending more to small businesses. It is our pledge to help companies achieve their growth ambitions and to help Britain prosper.

Our service is based on your needs. Our regional offices provide local support and access to specialist teams, all backed by one of the largest branch networks in the UK.

We provide a through-the-cycle relationship approach which is affordable, simple and transparent finance, as well as support for complex needs and access to Government funding schemes.

For more information call 0845 072 5555 or visit our website at www.lloydsbank.com/business/.

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Telephone: 0845 072 5555

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