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Academic excellence is the bedrock of the Hurst education, not just in its own right, but because it opens the doors to the next stage of pupils’ lives. Hurst also offers ambitious sporting, cultural, intellectual and social programmes, so that pupils develop as rounded, accomplished individuals who will make a real success of their lives after they leave.

At Hurst pupils gain the confidence to believe in themselves and in what they can achieve, as well as acquire the skills necessary to make the most of future opportunities; thus they do not just enjoy their time here, they thrive and excel. Hurst also emphasises the importance of developing certain values: a sense of duty, an awareness of right and wrong and a respect for others. So, our pupils are ambitious with a clear sense of purpose and also develop a balanced view of life. They develop into independent and mature individuals, ready for the world that lies ahead of them.

For more information please call the college on 01273 833 636 or visit their website at www.hppc.co.uk.

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Hurstpierpoint College

Hurstpierpoint College

Telephone: 01273 833 636

Website: www.hppc.couk