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Keep Calm And Carry On

Business confidence in the South East falls, despite increasing sales and profits, says Richard Spofforth, Partner at Kreston Reeves.

Lloyds Fund Growth

An optometrist and opticians has opened, thanks to funding from Lloyds Bank Commercial Banking.

Benefits All Round

Chris Coopey highlights how tax-efficient employee benefits can retain valued employees and benefit a business at the same time.

The Results Are In

What does the election result mean for residential landlords and investors?

International Rescue

MHA Carpenter Box Partner, Chris Coopey, takes a look at life for British businesses who trade in Europe and beyond

Money Talks

MHA Carpenter Box’s Chris Coopey offers money-saving tips

The Bank Of Brands

Exclusive interview with Tim Boag, London & South East Managing Director at NatWest

Mind The Gap

Maintaining talent in the Manufacturing, Engineering & Technology Sectors

The Legal Landscape

Steve Arundale, NatWest’s Head of Commercial Professional Sectors, reviews the latest NatWest Legal Benchmarking Report

Bite Back For Business

Chris Coopey looks forward to the BITE 2017 event and also asks, is your business Apprenticeship Levy ready?

Risks? What Risks?

What alarming findings have been found in Haines Watts’ survey of UK businesses?

Deal Makers

EMC’s ‘mobile boardroom’ takes off in Surrey

Value Added Technology

Martyn Redman, Chief Executive of VAT International explains how embracing new software has made such a difference

It Could Be You!

Caroline Gregory explains to Ian Trevett, that lack of cyber cover can be fatal for a company

Shark Bite

Chris Coopey, Carpenter Box, gives a preview for the highly anticipated BITE 2017 event.

Flying The Nest

Since welcoming 80 entrepreneurs into the Entreprenurial Spark scheme, the start-up companies have achieved some fantastic results.

Entrepreneuring Awards

Entrepreneurial Spark celebrates the #GoDo journey of entrepreneurs in Brighton at bi-annual awards

Immigration Changes

Tessa Robinson in RB’s Employment Team looks at the impact of some changes to the Tier system introduced in November 2016

Ready To Hatch

Another batch of start up businesses seek investment for their entrepreneurial ideas.

The Cost Of Care

The caring staff costs are huge to say the least, and a report has now confirmed, they are at a all-time high.

Refreshingly Good

Carpenter Box shares how they help their customers, by revealing the innovative Pokito cup idea, which one of their clients thought of.

Offshore Money

Time is running out for UK tax evaders as revenue gathering authorities prepare to share data on an unprecedented scale.

Enterprising Roles

What impact has the Careers & Enterprise Company had after 12 months of hard work?

Ready To Hatch

Entrepreneurial Spark present 3 ‘chiclets’ (starting-up companies) looking for investment.

The Bank Of Brands

RBS has progressed in their approach by focusing on their customers… This has led to benefits for the consumers

Management Buyout

A Broadstairs furniture manufacturer has completed a management buyout with the support of Lloyds Bank Commercial Banking.

A Tax Holiday?

Are furnished holiday lets the path to follow for investment property?

An Active Market

How are small and medium sized businesses doing with the revolutionary Brexit movement?

Free Trade Sparks Growth

Tim Farron, Leader of the Liberal Democrats, used his visit to Brighton’s Entrepreneurial Spark to express his support for the single market.

Healthy Snack Growth

The story of Nim’s Fruit Crisps Ltd and how Lloyds bank funded them to support the security of the company.

Riders of The Storm

With post Brexit nerves, Nik Askaroff, CEO of EMC, talks about the steps his company need to take to thrive in these times.

Buy To Let

This article gives you a better understanding of the changes that landlords now face.

How To Deal With Currency Chaos?

Brexit has had an immediate negative effect in the pound, which Trevor Charsley of AFEX gives advice for coping with the currency problems.

Serial Entrepreneurs

There is often not enough appreciation for the serial entrepreneurs who stick with their first business…


Brexit has won the referendum, the future brings excitement but uncertainty. Shirley Smith explains the situation…

National Living Wage

Is it good news for employees, but bad news for local business? asks Maxine Reid, Restructuring Partner at Kreston Reeves.

Metall Guru

Metall Guru

Chris Coopey, ex-engineer and Partner at Sussex-based chartered accountants, Carpenter Box, announces the launch of a new business forum on 12th July.

Gatwick Diamond Forum

Gatwick Diamond Forum

It’s important to understand why major employers and investors put their time and money into our Gatwick Diamond

The World Is Changing

The World is Changing…

Two well-known firms of accountants and business advisers in Sussex and Kent are planning to merge this summer.


Following the Chancellor’s budget it’s easy to miss some of the good things that will benefit businesses.

Accountants In The Cloud?

Accountants In The Cloud?

Chris Coopey, Partner at Carpenter Box, celebrates the firm’s recent success at the Xerocon Awards in London and takes a look at the impact the internet – and ‘the cloud’ – is having on business today.

Lloyds Help Production

Lloyds Help Production

A food manufacturer based in St Leonards-on-Sea has purchased two new production lines to increase its capacity and service more orders, with the support of a £240k facility from Lloyds Bank.

A Calculated Outsourcing of Accounts

A Calculated Outsourcing of Accounts

Cost has historically been the main catalyst that instigates discussions about outsourcing. However, a more recent development highlights the trend toward improving overall business performance becoming the main initiating focus for outsourcing.

Gray Matters

Gray Matters

How do you manage such a diverse collection of regions and countries with their individual issues?

There is an Alternative

There is an Alternative

Over 130 people gathered recently at the Hawth Theatre in Crawley to discuss the many alternative funding options available to businesses of all shapes and sizes.

Entrepreneurial Spark

Entrepreneurial Spark

Entrepreneurial Spark’s Entrepreneur Awards will help dozens of businesses to grow.

National Apprenticeship Week

National Apprenticeship Week

As we celebrate National Apprenticeship Week this month, NatWest’s Daryl Gayler looks at how Sussex businesses can benefit from taking on an apprentice…

Investing in Property

Investing in Property

John Pannett offers some advice on the benefits and pitfalls of property investment.

A Whale of a Scam

A Whale of a Scam

Fraud techniques are continuing to evolve as criminals look for new ways to defraud their victims and everyone is a potential target.

Fraud Protection

Fraud Protection

Ian Patterson from Lloyds Bank talks about a dominant subject within the business community – fraud…

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