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Speaking your language

Unlike many law firms, we don’t operate in a legal ‘bubble’. We don’t indulge in ‘lawyer-speak’. We won’t swamp you with the intricacies of legal procedure or deliver impenetrable documents. We talk your language. We’ll explain the business benefits – or disadvantages – clearly and simply. So you will get the best legal advice, based on sound commercial principles.

Legal experts with broad commercial experience

Our lawyers enjoy considerable business expertise from outside the legal profession. They know the law. But they also know that there’s life outside it – because they’ve been there themselves. Which means that you not only receive the benefit of first-class legal opinion – but also professional project management delivered by people with proven business acumen.

It’s results that count

Business is about results. It’s about achieving a competitive edge. We think about the law in the same way. We’ll work out the best route forward. We’ll keep you informed of any delays, problems or important milestones, using smart technology as well as regular face-to-face updates. And we’ll take on board your feedback and ideas to help us deliver your projects, seamlessly and swiftly.

Controlling costs and timing

How much will a project cost? How long will it take? Will the outcome meet expectations? Will costs and timings run out of control? These are questions that a legal supplier needs to answer. Our Budget Template helps us do precisely that. It outlines – visually and simply – progress, expense, timing and assigned personnel. So, you not only know exactly what should happen when, but why and how.

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