The Platinum Publishing Group launched our first title in 2014 and Platinum Business Magazine took the region by storm and is now the largest circulation business magazine in the country. Since then we have launched four further titles that are the official publications of the region’s Chambers of Commerce. All Platinum titles are renowned for being informative, relevant and highly entertaining with editorial written by some of the most prominent business leaders from some of the UK’s largest companies. 

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The official magazine for the Surrey Chambers of Commerce


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Cover Articles

Platinum Goes From Strength To Strength

We are delighted to announce the expansion of the Platinum Empire with the publication of three new titles on behalf of the regional Chambers of Commerce.

The Big Story - Nice Guys Finish Last

The Big Story – Nice Guys Finish Last

Upon his inauguration, he seemed to be a man that might change the world; a man who was full of promise; a man who had grand plans to actually change the way the USA was run.

Elon Musk

Rocket Man

Paypal founder, Tesla inventor and now NASA launch contractor – Elon Musk

Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton

Maarten Hoffmann asks if Hillary Clinton is going to be the first female leader of the free world…

Recent Articles

Mondeo Mania

The original Ford Mondeo has been tampered with producing a new luxury vehicle with an enhanced performace… The Mondeo Vignale.

Hot Under The Collar

Christine Gannon, DMH Stallard Associate, explains how to deal with employees who have a temper.

Lights, Camera, Croatia…

Rose Dykins finds blockbuster-worthy scenery in Dubrovnik, then escapes to its serene surrounding islands

Travel Light

British Airways has announced it is to end its inclusive food offering on its short-haul economy class.

Ready To Hatch

Another batch of start up businesses seek investment for their entrepreneurial ideas.

The Cost Of Care

The caring staff costs are huge to say the least, and a report has now confirmed, they are at a all-time high.

Refreshingly Good

Carpenter Box shares how they help their customers, by revealing the innovative Pokito cup idea, which one of their clients thought of.

Offshore Money

Time is running out for UK tax evaders as revenue gathering authorities prepare to share data on an unprecedented scale.

Safe And Secure

After Brexit, the EU General Data Protection Regulation 2016 for keeping information secure will still be implemented, but with changes

How To Enter Awards

Jeremy Taylor, Chief Executive of Gatwick Diamond Business, offers seven top tips on how to master an application for an award.

Shake hands in… Barcelona

Barcelona’s architecture oozes with individuality, the football is best in the world, but what else does it excel in? Business!

Being Taken For A Ride?

So called “VAT carousel” frauds can cost HMRC millions, but how do innocent companies protect themselves?

Enterprising Roles

What impact has the Careers & Enterprise Company had after 12 months of hard work?

Meet The Fleet Team

Platinum Business Magazine met with the friendly team of Fleet Managers at Sandown to find out what really keeps their engines revving…

Robot Wars

The rise of robots seems to have lifted! Uniglobe’s John Burroughes reveals his encounters…

Ready To Hatch

Entrepreneurial Spark present 3 ‘chiclets’ (starting-up companies) looking for investment.

The Bank Of Brands

RBS has progressed in their approach by focusing on their customers… This has led to benefits for the consumers

Management Buyout

A Broadstairs furniture manufacturer has completed a management buyout with the support of Lloyds Bank Commercial Banking.

A Tax Holiday?

Are furnished holiday lets the path to follow for investment property?

An Active Market

How are small and medium sized businesses doing with the revolutionary Brexit movement?

Earthquake Averted?

The worries following Brexit seem to have been spared for the time being, with the economy looking stable.

Raising The Game

Jeremy Ogden explains why the Brighton & Hove Hoteliers Awards are such an important addition to the city’s calendar.

Four Starbucks Double-Espressos

On average, airlines will make $10.42 for each passenger carried. That’s about enough to buy four double espressos in Starbucks!

Shake hands in… Paris

Paris… The city filled with elegance ranging from the sophisticated restaurants to the luxurious hotels

Vauxhall GTC

Explore what the fast-selling Vauxhall GTC has to offer…

Golf GTI

What components does the Golf GTI have, adding to the fact that it can do 0-60mph in 9 seconds?

Absent… Without Leave

How businesses should deal with employees attempting to get a few days leave… without permission

The Future Is Here

What are the latest and most exciting models of Mercedes-Benz newest range of cars?

Free Trade Sparks Growth

Tim Farron, Leader of the Liberal Democrats, used his visit to Brighton’s Entrepreneurial Spark to express his support for the single market.

A Passion For Skills

An exclusive interview with Julie Kapsalis, Vice Principal at Chichester College

Range Rover Sport

It is lighter, shorter and quicker than the Full-Fat Range Rover. What’s not to like?

VW Tiguan

The car that offers quality, security and general satisfaction. What features does the Tiguan have?

Gatwick vs Heathrow

With successive governments and decision-makers ducking the question, will this expansion ever happen?

Healthy Snack Growth

The story of Nim’s Fruit Crisps Ltd and how Lloyds bank funded them to support the security of the company.

Riders of The Storm

With post Brexit nerves, Nik Askaroff, CEO of EMC, talks about the steps his company need to take to thrive in these times.

Buy To Let

This article gives you a better understanding of the changes that landlords now face.

How To Deal With Currency Chaos?

Brexit has had an immediate negative effect in the pound, which Trevor Charsley of AFEX gives advice for coping with the currency problems.

Midnight Mover

Caroline Brown is questioned on her successful business on it’s 21st anniversary since opening.

Navigating Global Markets

Post-Brexit, many business owners may feel that dipping a toe or two into international waters is not only preferable, it is necessary.

How Does Your Business Grow?

A personal example of how to expand a medium sized business with Andy Leslie, Chairman of Network Aviation Group

Serial Entrepreneurs

There is often not enough appreciation for the serial entrepreneurs who stick with their first business…


Brexit has won the referendum, the future brings excitement but uncertainty. Shirley Smith explains the situation…

Shake Hands In… Oslo

Oslo is a country full of beautiful scenery and exciting attractions. Rose Dykins highlights some of the stand out features in the Norwegian capital.

Are You DDoS Ready?

DDoS protection and learning how to protect from DDoS attacks must be at the core of a successful cyber-security strategy

Rewarding Future Talent

The University of Brighton is launching a new student prize scheme, the Breakthrough Awards.

Focus RS

With easy steering and an impressive engine, the Focus RS has the ability to entice customers, no matter the price.

John Cooper Works Mini

Imagine a swift mini with plenty of character and power… Introducing the John Copper Works Mini.

Happy Birthday BMW

It’s the 100th birthday of the BMW and what better time to look back at the history of the successful German manufacturers!

Preparing For A Dawn Raid

Dawn Raids are usually completely unexpected. This articles gives expert advice on avoiding any issues if one takes place.

Special Delivery

An insight on how to perfect your email marketing campaign and capture the reader’s attention.

The Birchwood Group

An insight to The Birchwood Group with their marketing director Paula Kemp

Audi TTS Roadster

The Audi TT has always divided opinion, but the Audi TTS is the most rapid variant yet.

In For The Long Haul

Ranging from baggage handling to the technology of teleportation, Uniglobe discusses the recent travel news.

Do It The Rivervale Way

Rivervale have an illustrious history in Brighton and are now expanding into a new and unique building to increase their great services.

Reader Review

The Ford Mustang is capacious and looks the part, but what other technologies does the car incorporate?

Tribunal Trip Ups

Tribunal Trip Ups

Top 10 mistakes employers make in the Employment Tribunal by Tony Hyams-Parish, Partner and Head of Employment at Rawlison Butler.

Vauxhall Zafira Tourer

Vauxhall Zafira Tourer

The original Zafira was the first compact seven-seater on our streets and now, with the launch of the Tourer, it is even more practical.

Shake Hands In... Tokyo

Shake Hands In… Tokyo

The 2020 Olympics’ host city is full of fascinating culture and meeting venues with mesmerising views.

Sussex Business Awards 2016

Sussex Business Awards 2016

The Sussex Business Awards launches in July and is set to celebrate yet another exciting year of regional business success.

Powering Up Your Database

Powering Up Your Database

Stuart Sutherland from Direct Marketing specialists Nova Direct, explains how they build mail and email databases and how they avoid irresponsible mailing.

National Living Wage

Is it good news for employees, but bad news for local business? asks Maxine Reid, Restructuring Partner at Kreston Reeves.

Metall Guru

Metall Guru

Chris Coopey, ex-engineer and Partner at Sussex-based chartered accountants, Carpenter Box, announces the launch of a new business forum on 12th July.

In For The Long Haul

In For The Long Haul

Global Travel Management Managing Director Scott Pawley gives the inside perspective on business travel in the face of increased globalisation.

Finalists Announced

Finalists Announced

Twenty-five companies from across the District have been named as finalists each hoping to win one or more of the eleven trophies up for grabs.

Jeep Grand Cherokee

Jeep Grand Cherokee

It has presence and is big and spacious, but what else is there to make of a Jeep built by the Italians?

Jaguar XF

Jaguar XF

The XF was the first effort by the then new owners of Jaguar, Tata, who purchased the company from Ford.

Seeing Is Believing

Seeing Is Believing

Live video and The Future of Business Marketing by Shea Bennett, Head of Digital Marketing at Identity.

The Entrepreneurial Rollercoaster

The Entrepreneurial Rollercoaster

Fiona Anderson, Entrepreneurial Development Manager for NatWest, looks back on her first year of running Brighton’s Entrepreneurial Spark initiative.

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